Technical & Legislative Resources Committee


Chairperson: Jean-Michel Neault, CPA, CIA
Compliance Auditor
City of Boca Raton

Board Liaison:Rebecca Schnirman
Staff Liaison: Jill Walker

The Technical & Legislative Resources Committee operates, structures itself, and responds to the membership, where possible, in all areas of governmental finance. The Committee's primary purpose is to serve as a technical resource to the FGFOA membership by:

  • Being alert to changes, problems and innovations in government finance, both nationally and within the state;
  • Bringing governmental financial matters to the members' attention;
  • Responding to technical inquiries and requests of financial information;
  • Providing technical articles on governmental financial matters to the members;
  • Preparing draft responses to discussion memorandum, preliminary views and/or exposure drafts issued by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and other standard or rule-making bodies concerning governmental finance, accounting, and reporting;
  • Providing technical assistance to the membership to new and/or changes to State or Federal laws and regulations, or governmental accounting standards;
  • Maintaining and updating the Basic Government Resource Manual.
Additionally, the committee provides for a geographically based network to deliver timely information related to proposed and new legislation. They are responsible for researching topics of interest, evaluating proposed legislation, and keeping FGFOA members informed.