Leadership FGFOA

Congratulations to Leadership Class V!!

Roster Below
  • Manderley Barrows, Finance Accountant II, Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller
  • Sharon Chauharjasingh, OMB Director, Osceola County Government
  • Maudeline Ciguene, Billing & Collection Manager, Municipal-Utilities, City of Dania Beach
  • Cormac Conahan, Treasury Manager, City of Boca Raton
  • Daniel Coughenour, Finance Operations Supervisor, AP, Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller
  • Robyn Dearth, Administrative Services Manager, Polk County Board of County Commissioners
  • Erin Dowie, Manager of Procure to Pay Services, Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners
  • Adrienne Dwyer, Parking Revenue Supervisor, City of Fort Lauderdale
  • Mya Harden, Fiscal Services Manager, Manatee County Government
  • Sharee Haynes-Dyer, Budget Manager, Broward Clerk of Circuit and County Court
  • Tamara Jefferson, Accountant, Hillsborough County - BCC
  • Richard Kolk, Fiscal Manager, Lee County Board of Commissioners
  • Francine Lisby, Financial Manager, Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners
  • Stephanie Loven, Financial Management Analyst, Alachua County - Office of Management and Budget
  • Marcia Mack, Accounting Manager, Broward County Water & Wastewater Services
  • Tanra-Lee Milson, Accountant, City of West Palm Beach
  • Tanya Quickel, Director of Administrative & Financial Services, Village of Wellington
  • Michelle Quigley, Budget Bureau Section Administrator, South Florida Water Management District
  • Tracy Ramsey, Finance Services Manager, Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County
  • Brianna Stack, Finance Manager, City of Tavares

Cost to FGFOA Members is $995.
March 29 - April 3, 2020 and will be held in Orlando, Florida. 
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In our continuing effort to support and enhance the capabilities of Florida's financial executives, the FGFOA is pleased to offer a week-long Leadership Program. This program was established in 2016 part of a series of leadership-directed programs introduced by the FGFOA, including pre-seminar sessions at the Annual Conference and the establishment of an Emerging Leaders Group. 

The Leadership Program will focus on You, Your team, Your organization, and Your interaction with the broader governmental environment. This focus will allow for a robust and rewarding, career-changing week for Florida's current and future financial leaders. The 20 individuals chosen for Leadership FGFOA will make an impact on their organizations, the FGFOA and the financial leadership of Florida.

Click on the links below to see class rosters, pictures and additional testimonials.  

Leadership FGFOA Class I
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Leadership FGFOA Class IV

Tentative Program 

(subject to change)

DAY  ONE Ÿ About the Future The program starts by focusing on the future and dealing with change – both for your agency and yourself. The group will be led through a series of interactive activities, videos and small group discussions about the impact of social change, succession planning and multi-generations in the workplace.
Teacher: Scott Paine, Ph.D., Director, Leadership Development & Education, FLC University

DAY  TWO Ÿ It’s About You Day two will take participants through a broad array of leadership topics, starting with the participants personally “It’s About You,” and moving through to their teams, their organizations, the broader environment and the future on subsequent days. This day begins in the morning with a discussion of successful leadership and a comparison of management versus leadership, followed by a discussion on leadership and communication. After lunch, the DISC profiles will be reviewed. The day will end with a discussion on perfecting listening and communications skills.
Teacher: Miriam (Mimi) B. Hull, Ph.D., President of Hull & Associates

DAY  THREE Ÿ About Your Team On the third day, the program will continue with Dr. Hull covering a variety of leadership topics, including relationship and team building, handling stressful situations, coaching and mentoring, the price of being a good leader (work/life balance) and personal goal setting.
Teacher: Miriam (Mimi) B. Hull, Ph.D., President of Hull & Associates

DAY  FOUR Ÿ About Your Organization The fourth day, participants will begin with discussions on ethics and integrity (personal leadership and establishing a culture of ethics), followed by training on conducting effective meetings and facilitation skills. The day will close with a discussion on labor law.
Teacher: J. Lenora Bresler, J.D., Bresler Training, LLC (labor law)

DAY  FIVE Ÿ About the Broader Environment Participants will begin the fifth and final day learning about media relations, presentation and public speaking skills (including limited microphone interview simulations), along with crisis and conflict resolutions skills. 
Teacher: J. Lenora Bresler, J.D., Bresler Training, LLC (labor law)

What graduates are saying about the program:

“I learned how to become a better manager and person through this program. Hands down it was the best experience of my entire professional career”

Cari Branco, Sr. Division Manager, Charlotte County

“The leadership class was inspiring as well as educational.  I always felt on the outside of the FGFOA as an organization, due to self-imposed limitations.  But the interactions with the class members and the opportunities for me to improve my skills has truly been eye opening.  It was exactly what I needed, and the boost my career needed.”
Christopher Quinn, Finance Director, City of Palm Coast

“The Leadership Class was a wonderful experience for me.  The information was valuable and enlightening and the experience allowed me to form friendships that I will always cherish.”
Haydeliz High, Financial Operations Manager, Highlands County Tax Collector

“The Leadership Class was a great experience!  In every aspect of the program I felt special and set apart as a leader.  The “toolbox” that I brought back with me has helped me to become a better leader of my organization.  I’m so grateful to my organization for investing in me.”
elly Strickland, Director of Financial Administration, City of Sarasota 

“I would not have traded that experience for anything in the world.”
Natalie Hinger, Financial Manager, Charlotte County

“The information and knowledge gained during this class was immeasurable. It taught me leadership skills that have been utilized constantly since the class. Not only was the knowledge gained well worth the investment but the friendships created were priceless. The time and monetary investment resulted in incalculable rewards and professional development. This course is a must.”
Patricia Williams, Sr. Revenue compliance Coordinator, Southwest Florida Water Management District

“The class was a great opportunity to meet other leaders in the profession.  I have made contacts/friends that have been and will continue to be helpful for the rest of my career.  The training and education were worth so much more to myself and my organization than the cost of the class.  The Leadership Class provided tools that I was able to take back and implement immediately.”
Peter Lear, Director of Finance, City of North Port

“My experience with the FGFOA Leadership Class was career changing…not only did I learn how to improve my leadership skills, I am actually using much of what I learned in my daily professional career and in some aspects of my private life.”
Teresa Butler, Finance Director, City of Cocoa

“You will be challenged daily, be inspired by the friend beside you, learn something invaluable, be uncomfortable at least once, laugh until it hurts, think differently about something you thought you knew. You will leave a better person, team member and leader.”
Kimberly Ferrell, Finance Director, Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller, Leon County

“I sincerely enjoyed the common sense approach to leadership and the exploration of how to personally become a better leader to my local government that this program provided. The program platform benefits not only experienced leaders but also emerging leaders and is well worth the investment.”
Justin Stankiewicz, Office of Management & Budget Director, Nassau County BOCC

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the cost?
The registration fee is $2,700; however, with the FGFOA subsidizing the fee, the cost to members is $995.

2.  What do the costs include?
The registration fee is designed to cover all costs (training, materials, personality profile, lodging, food, etc.), other than parking and transportation to and from the host hotel at the beginning and end of the program.

3.  Does the program qualify for CPE?
The intent of the training is not aimed at qualifying for CPE credit per se, but some aspects of the program will be eligible. Currently, the coursework will qualify for approximately 34 hours of behavioral (BEH) and 2 hours of technical business (TB) continuing education.

4.  Why is lodging mandatory?
Lodging is mandatory because some participants living in the local vicinity may be tempted to not participate in scheduled after-hour events and because some governmental agencies may frown on having local participants pay for lodging. The Board and Committee have designed the program to allow participants to be completely focused on the event.