Technical & Legislative Resources Committee


The Technical & Legislative Resources Committee operates, structures itself, and responds to the membership, where possible, in all areas of governmental finance. The Committee's primary purpose is to serve as a technical resource to the FGFOA membership by:

  • Being alert to changes, problems and innovations in government finance, both nationally and within the state;
  • Bringing governmental financial matters to the members' attention;
  • Responding to technical inquiries and requests of financial information;
  • Providing technical articles on governmental financial matters to the members;
  • Preparing draft responses to discussion memorandum, preliminary views and/or exposure drafts issued by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and other standard or rule-making bodies concerning governmental finance, accounting, and reporting;
  • Providing technical assistance to the membership to new and/or changes to State or Federal laws and regulations, or governmental accounting standards;
  • Maintaining and updating the Basic Government Resource Manual.
Additionally, the committee provides for a geographically based network to deliver timely information related to proposed and new legislation. They are responsible for researching topics of interest, evaluating proposed legislation, and keeping FGFOA members informed.

Stephen Timberlake     Co-Chairperson: Derek H. Noonan

Special Projects Manager                            Audit Manager
City of Boca Raton                                       Auditor General, State of Florida

Board LiaisonOlga Rabel
Staff Liaison: Jill Walker