Leadership FGFOA Class IV


March 31 - April 5, 2019
Orlando, Florida

2019 Leadership PowerPoint

The 2019 Leadership FGFOA program focused on You, Your team, Your organization
and Your interaction with the broader governmental environment. This focus allowed
for a robust, rewarding and career-changing week for Florida’s current and future financial leaders.

The 20 individuals chosen for this FGFOA Leadership Class IV will make an impact on
their organizations, the FGFOA and the financial leadership of Florida.

Group Photo with boarder

Leadership Class IV

Sharon Almeida, Town of Lantana
Raymond Bailey, CPA, CIC, CRM, Macc, Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Marcia Carty, CPA, Broward County
Cindy Emshoff, Sarasota Office of Housing & Community Development
Ian Evans-Smith, CPA, CGFO, City of Miramar
Sheila Fitzgerald, Santa Rosa County
Jennifer Danielle Heaton, Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller
Mary Lou Hildreth, CMC, City of Hampton
Carlisha Jenkins, CPA, City of Boca Raton
Ann Kenny, Southwest Florida Water Management District
Melissa Licourt, St. Johns River Water Management District
Matthew Misco, CGFO, City of Palmetto
Leslie Porter, CPA, City of Dade City
Maureen Powell, Alachua County Board of County Commissioners
Cintya Ramos, City of Hollywood
Franklin Santos, Orange County
Lorrie Simmons, MSA, CGFO, City of Sarasota (Class President)
Danyel Sullivan-Marrero, CPA, Florida Municipal Power Agency
Christine Tenney, CGFO, City of Fort Myers
Cassandra Williams, CPA, Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Graduate Testimonials

What a life-changing class for me! I'm already incorporating some of what I learned last week. - Cassandra Williams

Wish I would have had earlier in my career. - Ray Bailey

Thank you just doesn't seem adequate to express what I'm feeling. Anyone who will listen...and some have had to listen more than once...has heard about the amazing experience I had. I have already found out that one of my team members would like ice cream sundaes for her birthday instead of our tradition of going out to lunch! I have also scheduled meetings with each of my team members to work on their smart goals! - Melissa Licourt

My whole outlook on my job and what I do has been altered.  The week has given me great insight into myself and has given me courage to explore opportunities I would not have done before this class.  It has opened me up to a different view of how I interact with people in general, as well as those I work with on a daily basis. I agree with Ray, wish I would have had it earlier in my career, but it had made an impact on me now, and I will utilize to the best of my ability. - Maureen Powell

I especially enjoyed the class and especially the bonds built with all of you!!
I am thankful that I am early in my career and I had the opportunity to experience last week. - Carlisha Jenkins

I have been changed permanently, to become a “Super Compassionate and Focused Leader." - Marcia Carty

I cannot begin to explain what a life changing experience this was.  Driving home, being at home last night with my husband and doggies, and my day regular Sat (wow, I was going to say mundane but now I realize it’s a comfort), it felt like I was looking through a totally new and different lens. - Mary Lou Hildreth

I appreciate the support all of you gave me because many of the exercises included stepping out of my box, and it wasn't easy for me.   Tomorrow I will be delivering a CAR at our staff meeting, and I'm trying to employ the communication techniques in meetings I'm attending. - Cindy Emshoff

It was indeed a pleasure and an honor to be in class last week with you all, my 19 new friends. We are also forever indebted and grateful to the FGFOA Board of Directors for having the vision and commitment to have subsidized the course and supported the continuation of same. I must say that this is the first class that I have attended where the level of enthusiasm and feedback has been so great. I am also encouraged, and look forward to hearing about many more positive outcomes from each other as we have returned to our places of work, but also my hope is that we put a lot of what we have learned over the past week into practice in all aspects of our lives which I am sure will bring positive benefits to ourselves and those we come in contact with.- Ian Evans-Smith

Thank you for enriching my life and contributing to my growth as a person and leader. - Ann Kenny

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