Leadership FGFOA Class III


April 8-13, 2018
Orlando, Florida

2018 Leadership PowerPoint

The 2018 Leadership Program covered a variety of leadership topics, including Workplace & Compliance Training, Communication Skills & Media Relations, Management and Supervisory Skills, Leadership Development, and more.

See what Leadership FGFOA, Class III had to say about their experience during the week long Leadership program: Leadership Video

Leadership Photo with Boarder

Leadership Class III

Jonathan Allen, MPA Director, Business Operations, Broward County - Water and Wastewater Services
Jodi Bain, Senior Accountant, Naples
Kelly Bennett, CPA, Senior Budget Analyst, City of Sarasota
Emily Alves, CPA, CGFO, Accounting Manager, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County
Jennifer Barker, CGFO, Chief Financial Officer, Flagler County Clerk of Court
John Brower, Management Analyst, Alachua County Board of County Commissioners
Melissa Corrales, Assistant Manager of Finance Services, Clerk & Comptroller for Palm Beach County
Susan Flowers, CPA, Accountant IV, Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller
Angela Hollister, Management Analyst, North Port
Alyssa Doerr, Assistant Accounting Manager, Boca Raton
Traci Hildreth, Public Works Accountant, City of Palm Bay
Kelly Lambert, Billing & Customer Service Manager, The Villages Community Development Districts
Donald Mello, Jr., Financial Accounting Manager, Pinellas County OMB
Natasha Nicholson, Senior Management Analyst, City of Miami Beach
Cori Olympio, CPA, Accountant, Lighthouse Point
Leslie Moyer, Financial Management Analyst, Alachua County Board of County Commissioners
Virginia Norberg, Accountant, Palm Coast
June Prosser, Budget Administrator, North Port
Laura Thezine, CPA, Assistant Finance Director, Delray Beach
Ivelisse Torres, MBA, Financial Advisor, Orange County

Graduate Feedback

“As a proud member of the Leadership Class III, I learned so much! I made contacts and friendships to last a lifetime. There was brain storming and collaboration from other aspiring leaders. Through the DiSC profile, I learned how my traits shape me to be the leader that I am, how important perspective from other leaders with different traits than my own is, and how to better interact with both my Director and my subordinates. This was an invaluable week with lessons that I will carry with me throughout the remainder of my career.” – Kelly Lambert, The Villages Community Development Districts

“The leadership program was both challenging and rewarding.  I was pushed outside my comfort zone and exposed to different ideas, leadership styles, and best practices.  The class also allowed me to meet other members of my profession and learn from their experiences.  I will be able to use the skills I learned immediately and throughout my entire career.” – Cori Olympio, City of Lighthouse Point

“An important part of Leadership FGFOA is simply having the class; creating a venue that gathers motivated leaders from around the State to not only sharpen our skills through the knowledge and experience of the excellent presenters, but to support and learn from each other as well.  I formed relationships that will last my entire career. What stood out most to me was the importance of understanding a person’s “personality profile” to relate and interact in the way that works best for them.  Whether you’re working up or down the chain of command, understanding how each person learns and processes information differently allows me to tailor communications so that the message I am sending is the message they are receiving.” – John Brower, Alachua County Board of County Commissioners

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Leadership Class III and felt honored to have been selected.  It is hard to pinpoint one or two experiences when there were so many! The program proved to be insightful on both a personal and professional level.  I met so many wonderful peers, some of whose heartfelt discussions enlightened me and allayed many of my own insecurities.   The program assists in gaining an understanding on how our underlying personality traits reflect managerial styles and the impact that positivity and understanding can have on your team and your organization.” – Virginia Norberg, City of Palm Coast

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Class III. In learning how to recognize my style of communication as well as those of my counterparts, I’m looking forward to engaging in more productive, positive interactions. Further, as change is inevitable, I feel better prepared to guide and support my team members through various transition periods. Overall, I feel encouraged and empowered to make a difference." - Angela Hollister, City of North Port

"Participating in Leadership FGFOA Class III provided me with the opportunity to accept my role as a leader, both formally and informally. Whenever I am in doubt about my ability to inspire or encourage another’s success, I reflect on the understanding that a leader doesn’t always have all the answers. As a leader, I have the responsibility to listen and encourage one to discover his or her own talents. Everyone has a story to tell. My story is no exception and it gives me the confidence to know that I belong in this elite group of special people." - Traci Hildreth, City of Palm Bay

  • Ivelisse Torres
  • John Brower
  • June Prosser
  • Jennifer Barker
  • Kelly Lambert
  • Jodi Bain
  • Kelly Bennett
  • Laura Thezine
  • Angela Hollister
  • Alyssa Doerr
  • Donald Mello
  • Emily Alves
  • Cori Olympio
  • Jonathan Allen
  • Natasha Nicholson
  • Traci Hildreth
  • Leslie Moyer
  • Virgina Norberg
  • Susan Flowers