Committee Reports

Certification Committee
Kelly Strickland, Chair

The Certification Committee has been extremely busy this Spring.  As part of the committee’s responsibility for administering and overseeing the CGFO program, we had been managing the Winter/Spring CGFO review webinars and Spring testing sites.  In addition to the review classes and testing, the Certification Committee has been wrapping up the task of accomplishing the FGFOA Board’s assigned task of “Re-looking at the process to develop and update exam questions”.

The Applications and Renewals Subcommittee, chaired by Matt Misco

The Applications and Renewals Subcommittee reviewed and approved 14 CGFO applications this quarter.   With the application deadline for the spring exam having passed on January 15th, the next deadline for the fall exam is September 15th.  For anyone interested in the CGFO designation, please visit the FGFOA website at for information regarding requirements and the application form.

The renewal review process is currently underway.  Letters are being sent out to those who have submitted sufficient documentation for their renewals and soon those lacking documentation or selected during the random audit will be contacted. 

The Exam and Review Subcommittee, chaired by Jeremy Baker

The date for the Spring CGFO exams will be Friday, March 31st.  The locations are:

Miami – 40 NW 3rd Street Suite 1103

Milton – 6495 Caroline Street Suite H

Orlando – 135 East Colonial Drive 

Palm Coast – 160 Lake Avenue, Palm Coast, FL 32164

          St. Johns River Water Management District - 4049 Reid Street (Hwy 101) 

Tallahassee - 315 S. Calhoun St Suite 751

Tampa – 3402 W Columbus Dr. 

West Palm Beach – 100 Australian Avenue

Best of luck to our candidates.

The Webinar Subcommittee, chaired by Diane Reichard

The webinar subcommittee was instrumental in coordinating the review session online for the second year.  Eight trainers/co-trainers assisted in the process.  The review session will be complete on March 9 and the test will be given on March 31. Each session reached 40-50 applicants.  The members were happy to receive this training to better prepare them for the CGFO test and the next opportunity in their career. 

Thanks to FLC, the Board, the Committee, the trainers, and the moderators for their time in organizing this event for our members.

The Exam Question Review Subcommittee, chaired by John Lege

The Exam Question Review Subcommittee has been very busy developing a recommendation for keeping the CGFO exams up to date.  Recommendations were presented to the FGFOA Board for periodic in-house and out-sourced review at the Winter FGFOA Board Meeting, with favorable responses.  The integrity and validity of the CGFO exam is vital to prestigious designation of CGFO.

Thanks to all the members of the CGFO Committee who take time to volunteer to uphold the standards of the FGFOA.  It has been a very busy quarter!  And as always, thanks to our FGFOA Board Liaison - Rip Colvin, and Florida League of Cities helpers, Karen Pastula and Merrily Bennett!  You are the Best!