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Membership Benefits 

Active Professional Organization – The FGFOA is one of the most active state government finance officers organizations in the country and maintains close alliance with our national organization, the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada.
Annual Conference – Held in the spring, this conference brings together members and other public finance professionals to improve and develop technical and managerial skills.  Educational workshops are held on the most current governmental finance topics.  Informational exhibits are available to provide the latest on financial management and related services.

School of Governmental Finance - This career development event is held each year in November.  The School has educational programs including a variety of topics and instructors, in order to provide for the enhancement of professional governmental finance skills and techniques at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.   

Web Page - The FGFOA's Web page (www.fgfoa.org) provides access to the up-to-date information from the FGFOA.  It includes a calendar of career development events, access to current information of FGFOA members, links to many related sites, background information on your Board of Directors, and much more!  

Publications – A bi-monthly newsletter is published on current finance issues and Association activities.  A membership directory is available online.
Employment Opportunities – Employment opportunities are noted in publications and at conferences.
Professional Certification – A voluntary professional certification program is designed to recognize a participant’s knowledge and demonstration of skills, experience and involvement in governmental finance in Florida.

Networking – Members are able to exchange ideas and information with government finance officers, as well as other finance related professionals.

Affordable – Annual dues are nominal, which allows a greater number of your staff to become involved without straining governmental budgets.